GAAS Supporters

Air, Water & Ice - Products and answers for your water treatment needs - Mail Order site

All Oddball Aquatics - Eric Bodrock's Mail Order Website (Pittsburgh)

Angelfish USA - Specializing in Angelfish

Aqua Life Support

Bulk Reef Supply

Catalina Aquarium - Online aquatic store

Central Pets

Florida Aquatic Nurseries

Fritz Pet Products

Ginger, Inc.

Kingfish Services - Ray "Kingfish" Lucas

Koller Craft Products

Mellow Aquatics - Freshwater Angelfish

Maryland Aquatic Nurseries

Omega Sea - Manufacturer of Fish Food

Orange County Reef Aquatics - Online Aquarium Supply Store

Penn Plax - Full line of pet products

PNT Aquatics - Breeding Caves,Repashy Gel Food, Mopani Wood, Aquarium Supplies

ReeFlo Pumps

RMS Aquaculture - Aquarium Superstores (Cleveland)

Seachem - Manufacturer of Aquarium conditioners

That Pet Place - Online Pet Supply Store

Two Turtles Pet Center - Akron pet shop


Local Fish Clubs

Ohio Area Aquarium Clubs Information Page
- Ken McGill's Ohio clubs web page

FINS Ohio Aquarium Clubs Directory

CAFE - Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts

CAS - Cleveland Aquarium Society

EAS - Erie Aquarium Society

GAGC - Guppy Associates of Greater Cleveland

GDAS - Greater Detroit Aquarium Society

GCAS - Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society

GCKA - Greater Cincinnati Killifish Association

GLCS - Great Lakes Cichlid Society

GPASI - Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society, Inc.

MCAS - Motor City Aquarium Society

NOKA - Northern Ohio Killifish Association

OCA - Ohio Cichlid Association

PAKA - Pittsburgh Area Killifish Association

PMAS - Pittsburgh Marine Aquarium Society

SWMAS - Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society

SCALES - Stark County Aqua Life Enthusiasts

TFCEC - Tropical Fish Club of Erie County (NY)

YATFS - Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society

National & International Organizations

ACA - American Cichlid Association

AGA - Aquatic Gardeners Association

AKA - American Killifish Association

ALA - American Livebearer Association

ASG - Apistogramma Study Group

CAOAC - Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs

FAAS - Federation of American Aquarium Societies

GSA - Goldfish Society of America

IBC - International Betta Congress

IFGA - International Fancy Guppy Association

IRG - International Rainbowfish Association

NANFA - North American Native Fishes Association

Retail Links

FINS Ohio Pet Store Directory

Air, Water & Ice - Products and answers for your water treatment needs - Mail Order site

All Oddball Aquatics - Eric Bodrock's Mail Order Website (Pittsburgh)

Aquatic Interiors - Akron pet shop

Aquarium Adventure - Columbus pet shop

Arizona Aquatic Gardens - Aquarium Plants

Bulk Reef Supply

Central Pets

Kingfish Services - Ray "Kingfish" Lucas

Mars Fish Care



Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

Pond Care

ATI Sponge

Finley Aquatic Books

Cichlid Press

Diskus Brief Magazine

Discus Hans USA

Swiss Tropicals

Koller Craft Products

PNT Aquatics - Breeding Caves, Repashy Gel Food, Mopani Wood, Aquarium Supplies

RMS Aquaculture - Aquarium Superstores (Cleveland)

Shene's Killies - Another Pittsburgh area Killie Mail Order site

Two Turtles Pet Center - Akron pet shop

Wet Thumb Aquatics - Michigan based Mail Order site

Miscellaneous Links

FINS: The Fish Information Service

Fish Link Central - One of the Largest Aquarium Hobby Resources

Sherman's Lagoon - Daily Comics and Screensaver Download

The Krib - One of the Best Sources of Aquarium Hobby Information

Tom's Place - Message Boards & other information

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